Studio Arts Ring

The Studio Arts Ring is a select group of art sites.

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Would you like to join this ring?

Here is the procedure:

1. First, you must request a review of your site.
2. If your site is approved, you will be invited to join and will receive instructions on how to complete your application. You must apply, copy the ring link code, and place the code on the page you submit.
3. You must not alter the code in any way.
4. You must also copy the ring graphic to your site directory.
5. You will have 1 week to complete 2 - 4.
6. Your site will be checked by the automated system. If it passes, you will be moved from the queue into the ring.
7. It is your responsibility to make certain the code is placed correctly. We cannot help you.
8. If your site does not pass the check within 1 week, it will be removed from the queue.
9. All the sites in the ring are checked periodically by the automated system. If your site ever fails the check, it will be moved back into the queue. You will receive an e-mail notice.

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