Portrait Painting
In the Style of the Old Masters

Portrait Artist

Now you can view my complete course on how to
paint portraits realistically, step-by-step,
and it's 100% FREE!
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These lessons include detailed information about materials and supplies, how to lay out the palette, how to mix flesh tones, demonstrations on how to paint a portrait (almost like being in my studio watching as I paint and chat with you), and a dictionary of portrait terms.

This is the same course that I have taught with limited enrollment as 8 weekly lessons and at a cost of hundreds of dollars. Now, for a limited time, you can have my complete course on how to paint portraits for the Special Sale price of just $7.00 (that's over 90% off)!

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"Bennecelli is really a master portrait artist, and he explains how to do it so even I can understand. I recommend his course to everyone I know." - Robert J., New York

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