EXAMPLES by Bennecelli

This sketch was done in charcoal and white pastel on gray charcoal paper. It was done as a demonstration in a class that I taught.

The distinctive thing about this sketch is the way that I have emphasized the 3-dimensional structure of the face - especially the brow, the eye, the cheek bone, and the ear.

Notice how I have controlled the focus of attention by developing the detail in the areas that I want to emphasize and leaving other areas undeveloped (for example, the shirt collar).

This portrait was done in pastels. The subject was so cute and endearing that it was a joy to do her portrait.

The pastel is life-size and was a commissioned work.

Pay close attention to how the shading on the face was done. Also notice how the darkest shading was used to frame the face and add to the realism.

This is a good example of sharp focus and soft focus (where the hair blends into the background).

Again, the detail was carefully controlled so that your eye would focus on the face.

This is one of my personal favorite portraits. It was done in pencil and the subject is my wonderful wife.

Notice how the carefully controlled modulation of the shading on the face depicts the structure. Also notice how again the sharp focus and soft focus are used effectively.

The lace on the dress is just an added touch.