"You Can Do Calligraphy!"

Jim Bennett (Bennecelli)
Artist, Calligrapher, Teacher

calligraphy for dummies book

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This book contains everything in my original course plus much, much more! 

It has 20 chapters and 314 pages. It covers all the calligraphy supplies you'll need, how to set up your calligraphy board, and the following alphabets: Italic, Blackletter, Roman, Bookhand, Uncial, Copperplate, and illuminated capitals. It has instruction on the most popular projects: quotations, posters, signs, certificates, and even a special sections on wedding calligraphy, ten more fun alphabets, and how to start your own calligraphy business. It's the only book I know of that contains all this information in one book.

For additional practice in Italic, I offer a 12-page practice booklet which can be downloaded by clicking on the picture below.

This is a simple, no-frills, copy book. Download it in PDF and print as many copies as you want.

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Calligraphy for Creative Kids book

Interested in My Original Course?
This is a completely hand lettered book!

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calligraphy book

 You can download it immediately as a PDF file or order a printed copy. Either way, you can get started with the Italic alphabet and a fountain pen. Learn all the basics plus 4 additional alphabets and how to design posters, maps, awards, etc.

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This is the original course that has been so popular. Since 1982 hundreds of people have learned calligraphy by taking this course.
I still use this book today in my classes!

 "I have seen a lot of calligraphy books, and most seem very overwhelming. This book really made me think I could do it." -  Lillian L., Virginia

"I am delighted with what I have learned. Now everyone asks me to do calligraphy for them. I know this sounds extreme, but I think calligraphy has given me a whole new life." - Ronald P., West Virginia

"I took the correspondence course and found that it was easy to learn. Mr. Bennett has done an excellent job in presenting the material in a clear and understandable manner." - Darlene K., New York

"Mr. Bennett is a master teacher!" - David R., New York

Copyright, Jim Bennett