Founded November 18, 1997

The Calligraphy Ring is an easy-to-navigate chain of linked sites on the World Wide Web that feature calligraphy. Each site is linked to the next in an unbroken ring. No matter where you start you will eventually be able to make your way around all the sites and end up back at the beginning.

If you visit a site in the ring that has a guest book or comment form, we encourage you to leave a message indicating that you found the site through the Calligraphy Ring. Your feedback is helpful to the artists who have created these sites for your enjoyment. Please let them hear from you.

The Calligraphy Ring is over eleven years old and includes some of the top calligraphy websites in the world. We are now accepting new members. Use the link below to apply to join.

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The Original Calligraphy Web Ring

Joining the Calligraphy Ring

If you have a site which promotes or features calligraphy, please check back in January when we will be accepting new members.

Thank you for your interest in the Calligraphy Ring! This is your ring! Please feel free to submit any comments, questions, or ideas for improvement.


The Calligraphy Ring is made possible by 
the Webring. 

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