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Good handwriting is a valuable, lifelong skill. It is a courtesy to the person who reads it and a source of pride for the writer.


  • Italic is a distinctive and beautiful style.
  • It is a pleasure to read.
  • It is uncomplicated and simple to learn.
  • It can be written rapidly without loss of legibility.
  • It is ideally suited to meet the needs of today's elementary curriculum. It doesn't require a lot of tedious drills. Italic is relatively simple for students to learn and, consequently, simple for teachers to teach.
  • Students really enjoy Italic.
  • This approach enables the student to acquire both printing skills as well as cursive writing skills - something that is overlooked in many other curricula.
  • The learning sequence is logical and simple. Nothing is ever discarded (as with the "ball and stick" manuscript taught in many schools).
  • Success in Italic handwriting encourages students to be conscientious in their other school work.


I have complete materials for teaching Italic handwriting in all grades from Kindergarten through 4th Grade.
Each grade packet contains a teacher's guide and blackline masters for a complete year's instruction.

For Information, Click Here


Click on the link below to go to a sample mini-lesson. NOTE: this lesson is only a very short sampling from the extensive instruction material.
It is not adequate for teaching Italic handwriting to young children!
It is presented here solely for adults who are interested in Italic handwriting.
This lesson requires frames.


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