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Yes, you can make money selling your artwork. In fact, art makes a perfect home-based business. When it comes to making money, art has several advantages-

1. Getting started is easy. The equipment can be as simple and inexpensive as a pencil and paper.

2. You don't have to invest the kind of time and money that is required for many other businesses. You don’t need to buy expensive equipment or materials.

3.  There are no franchise fees. You don’t need any special certification to qualify to work as a professional artist. Usually, all that you need legally is a permit to collect sales tax.

4. You can start small with minimal risk and build your business over time.

5. You can be your own boss and set your own hours. You can take vacations when you like.

6. You can work from your home/studio. (There are some great tax advantages in doing that!)

7. You don't need any employees—unless you want employees. As your business grows, you can add employees as you need them.

8. There is a huge market for art. Art is something that is always in demand, because most people appreciate good, original art.

9. Successful artists get paid substantial amounts for their art. 

10. You can sell your art on the Internet.

I have been a successful artist for several years. During that time I developed a system for promoting and marketing my art work that you can use too. I'm eager to share what I know with you!


Here Are Some of the Secrets

That Are Covered in My System for Starting Your Own Successful Art Business


1. It almost goes without saying, but the first thing you must do to start a successful art business is to know that your art work will sell. Would you like to be certain? (See page 5)

2. You'll need a business card that really "sizzles." Where do you get one? (See page 9)

3. You'll need to put together an effective portfolio of several samples of the kinds of the art that you can do. Your portfolio will show prospects exactly what you can do. A good portfolio is a necessity. How do you put together an effective portfolio?   (See page 10)

4. I can tell you exactly how to create a reputation as a artist that will virtually sell your art work for you and have people lining up to buy from you! How do you create such a reputation?     (See page 12)

5. I will tell you who to contact to jump start your business immediately! (See page 7)

6. Every time you get one job, you can leverage it to land additional jobs.  What is the secret of how to do this? (See page 14)

7. Getting referrals is a powerful way to land commissions. What are the methods for getting referrals? (See page 17)

8. Do you know what to say to get a prospect to agree to set an appointment to look at your work? I do, and I'll tell you. (See page 7)

9. While a prospect is looking at your portfolio, there is one question that you can ask which will immediately put your prospect in a buying mood. Would you like to know what that question is? (See page 10)

10. When you have done the work, you need to get paid. I can tell you how to encourage people to be prompt in paying you when the work is completed. (See page 17)

11. I will also give you 7 simple steps to using the power of the Internet to promote your business. (See page  23)

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